This is the WAVpedal® interface that you will see on your screen after installation. It has all the features on it a mouse click away that any transcriptionist will need. After configuring the foot pedal to your liking, you can do hands-free transcription from your PC.

These screen captures show you some of the controls that you are able to set from within WAVpedal®.

This is the screen from which you can FTP files.

 WAVpedal® Communications enables FTP transfers to and from FTP Sites. It runs outside of WAVpedal and may be started from its icon or by having WAVpedal® load it automatically when WAVpedal® is run. You can configure as many FTP Sites as you need.

 AutoPlay is a feature that lets you automatically load specific files from folders that you select. You can save a lot of time and effort by not needing to hunt for your next file to play.

A scroll bar that shows your place in the file and enables you to go directly to the place you choose on that bar.

WAVmarksTM which enable you to bookmark any place in a file.

Hot Keys: system-wide key combinations that you define to perform various functions (louder, faster, rewind, etc.). Hot Keys work in any application as long as WAVpedal® is running.

The option to allow WAVpedal’s® windows to float above all other windows on the desktop or behave normally.

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