Technical Support

Should you have a problem with WAVpedal please click here for our knowledge base.
If you don't find the answer you can contact the support desk here.

You may find however the following information helpful.

Insert the CD into your CD drive. If autoplay is enabled the install menu will appear, click Install WAVpedal.

If autoplay is not enabled, use windows explorer to browse to the CD in your CD Drive and double click on Setup.exe to begin the installation.

WAVpedal requires activating within 30 days of installation. Click the Web Activation button (you need to be connected to the internet). Enter the License code that came with your CD and press Submit.

Fill in the registration form completely (for UK customers put 'UK' in the State field) and press the register button. Your product has now been registered. Print off this page and keep it safe for future reference. Now in WaVPedal first click unlock application. Next enter the activation code you were given (easier to copy and paste) into the activation box. Last click Continue to finish the activation process.

Installing on a new PC
You must remove your licence before uninstalling the software in order to re-use the licence on another PC

Failure to remove the licence before un-installing the software may result in having to purchase a new licence.

1. PRESS AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY while opening your application on the PC that is currently licensed
2. Press web activation button, a web page now opens up with all your activation details. Choose Move my licence.
3. Copy the activation code from the screen. In your WAVpedal program click Remove License and paste the activation code into the box, press Continue.
4. Confirm you want to remove the licence.
5. You will now be given a Remove Code, it is in a red box. Copy the code and Paste it into the Move Licence web page and Submit. You will get a confirmation and you are now able to use your TPC code to activate your software on another PC

To see a video how to do this visit this link.

WAVpedal locked out?
If you have had an upgrade to your PC or it was rebuilt before it could be deactivated, then we can manually reset this for you. Please fill in this form to request a manual reset

Files Associations
To add file associations please watch this video.

Word Processor Default
To change your default word processor please watch this video

Auto Play Setup
To setup auto play please watch this video

Support downloads can be found here