WAVPedal Universal Transcription system

Are you a virtual or cyber secretary?

Do your clients still send you tapes to transcribe in the post?

If so then you need to tell them about digital dictation. Digital dictation is changing the way we work.

Dictation can be sent via email, and you can see exactly how much work you have, and properly allocate your time. (Plus it sounds clearer!)

However, you don't want to buy seperate transcription kits for each manufacturer. That is why we offer you WAVpedal.

WAVpedal will work for the following: digital transcription, audio transcription, conference transcription, focus group transcription, seminar transcription, interview transcription, investigative transcription, police interview transcription, disciplinary hearing transcription, market research transcription, medical transcription, survey transcription, university research transcription, and general audio typing. Our transcription equipment is compatible with Olympus digital dictation, Philips digital dictation, Sony digital dictation and Sanyo digital dictation kits. It works with wav transcription, mp3 transcription, dss transcription and much more.